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i collect quotes and lyrics and recently joined this community...i also have my own community so please check it out... enjoy :)


~To save a life of someone you know... that's love. To save a life of someone you've never met... that's courage.

~It's amazing how you can make my
worst day perfect by just saying, "hi."

~Pretty is just a word to describe someone's shell. Beautiful describes the entire person.

~Maybe It's Not Just Wishful Thinking
Flowers need sunshine,
Violets need dew.
All angels in heaven,
Know I need you.
When I look into your eyes,
I'm not sure what I see.
When you don't try to look away,
I wonder why you're looking at me.
The stars will shine,
The moon will glow.
When dreams come true,
is when you'll know.
When you walk by,
my mind is set on you,
I tend to walk faster
but you walk faster too.
The Ocean is calm,
the sky is bright,
you will be
my wish tonight.
When I try to find you
it catches me by surprise
you've already found me
with the corners of your eyes.
The wind is free
the fields are clear
My heart begins to race
whenever you are near.
I don't talk to you
You don't speak to me
We must be scared
of what is meant to be
The daisies grow
These petals I've got,
are singing he loves me
and He loves me not.
Whenever I can't breath
it's because you're around.
Then you brush past me,
being careful not to make a sound.
The day is gone,
And the sun will set.
But you're the one person.
That I will never forget.

~Take Care of Love
Love is such an amazing thing
It's beauty is unknown.
It can be so beautiful,
a masterpiece on it's own.
But love can be so terrible,
It could ruin someone's heart.
When love is a nasty disease.
It can tear someone's life apart.
Be careful how you treat love,
for love can be compared to sand.
If you hold it tightly
it'll fall right out of your hand.
Love is like playing the piano,
learning the rules is a start.
But when you've followed all the rules
you should start playing from the heart.
Love is like a blooming flower,
it can grow at anytime, anywhere.
Though every rose has it's thorns,
so handle it with care.
Love is a gift to life,
Cherish it whenever you can.
Try not to let it end,
no matter how it began.
Love can be at any place
taking any form.
Love can be a fire.
it can burn or feel warm.
Whether it is like a maze,
always admire love.
With the right care it's perfect,
and shouldn't be taken advantage of.

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